Heating and cooling with the geothermal energy of the earth is  a very energy efficient system. In the midwest US the natural underground temperature is about a constant 54 degrees and this energy can be transferred to heating and cooling energy with a heat pump HVAC system. Non Toxic food grade glycol is circulated through poly pipe that loops down into the water table in specially constructed heat loop wells to transfer the earth's energy to the heat pump system. The energy required to create the transfer is much less than would be required for conventional heating and cooling. Highly efficient systems are now in use in homes, offices, schools, factories, and other buildings.


Heat Loop Wells

     Sargent has the drilling rigs, grouting equipment, and other specialized equipment  necessary to construct high quality loop well fields. Sargent's crews have been trained and certified for heat loop installation. To ensure long service life, high quality pipe joined with heat fusion joints must be used. High quality grouting will provide environmental sealing of the aquifer and provide maximum thermal transfer. Systems must be thoroughly purged and tested to ensure a long efficient life.

Installing Heat Loop Pipe

Grout Mixing

Connections With Heat Fusion

Pressure Testing    

     For heat loop field installation for single family dwellings to large commercial installations contact  THE DEPENDABLE PROFESSIONALS