Sargent History


Sargent Irrigation was founded in 1937. In 1953 Larry Whitesel and Wayne "Pete" Kaps joined Charlie Sargent and incorporated as Sargent Irrigation. In 1954, Larry and Pete obtained full ownership of the company. Today Pete has retired and Larry's son Mike is President of the company. All of the company work was based out of Broken Bow, NE until 1971 when the first branch office was opened at Bassett, NE. This expansion proved that locally managed offices are able to do the complete job to better serve the area needs. As irrigation continued to expand several more branch offices  were opened in Nebraska, California in 1976, Wyoming in 1981, Nevada in 1982, and Idaho in 1986. Today Sargent continues to serve most of the midwest  US. 


Sargent Irrigation's rapid expansion had reached a point in 1975 where it's suppliers were not furnishing a quality product in sufficient quantity. With rapidly increasing energy costs, a highly efficient, dependable turbine pump was the top priority. Engineering and technical people were employed to begin development of Sargent's own design. Sophisticated machines were ordered and inventories were built up. By the spring of 1977, the completed Sargent pump was being manufactured and shipped from the Sargent Pipe plant at Broken Bow, NE.


In 1978 the need was recognized to specialize in the municipal and industrial market. Personnel were hired with experience in that area and Sargent Irrigation Municipal Division was born. Today that division continues to serve that market as  Sargent Drilling. 


In the early 1980"s Sargent began to explore the international market. Within a few years one major project was completed in Mexico, in 1986 Sargent Irrigation International began drilling in Algeria, and 1989 in Egypt. Today Sargent is shipping turbine pumps as far away as Australia and looking for expansion throughout the world. 


The 1980"s and 1990's saw specialization in drilling of monitoring wells, heat pump loop wells, dewatering wells, and domestic wells. This required training, specialized equipment and continuing service for each of these areas. 


Service is a very important part of any industry and Sargent has developed several service specific programs in this area. 1980 saw the beginning of PEP pump efficiency testing, 1982 E-LOG electric well logging, 1990 CAM down hole video well inspections, and 1997 Sonar-Jet well cleaning and rehabilitation. 


Now we have turned the corner into the new millenium and Sargent's goal is to continue to blend experience, professionalism, and modern technology into the best services possible for the customer.