Water Well Drilling


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Sargent maintains a large fleet of drilling rigs to cover a wide range of drilling from small shallow wells to large diameter and deep wells. Some of the types of wells commonly drilled are irrigation, municipal, industrial, domestic, stock watering, heat loop, monitoring, test wells, and dewatering 

The beginning of a successful water well is the test hole. Our test hole drillers have years of experience in "reading" formations in various localities. Our experience makes us more knowledgeable and better equipped to estimate the production of your wells . We also have electric logging services to electronically measure and chart formations encountered.  

When drilling the production well we do not drill "slim" holes. We do drill "straight" holes. We do install heavy wall casing matched to the type of well and depth. A properly constructed well will have a long service life.  

All wells are developed. If you are just thinking in terms of test pumping you are limiting the potential of your well. Wells need to be developed. We know and use the correct methods of developing a well.